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DATE: December 1, 2006 ( Friday)

TIME: Seminar 7:00-9:30 pm
Pictures & autograph 9:30-10:00 pm

FEE: $49.00 *
*add an additional $5.00 to order
a Bill Wallace poster for the autograph

92-B Wilson Rd. at First Street
Humble, Texas 77338
281-548-1638, 281-682-3387

Bill Wallace
Bill "Superfoot" Wallace -American Karate Champion, instructor, author, actor, and referee. World professional middleweight champion since 1974 for the PKA, Wallace won many point tournament competitions prior to entering the professional ring, including the U.S. Championships and USKA Grand Nationals three times each, and the top 10 Nationals twice. He was rated top fighter in the country three times by Black Belt magazine. A superstar of full contact fighting, he is also a noted official and served as chief referee at the 1975 U.S. Championships.
Wallace started in Judo. He took up Karate in 1966 while serving in the U.S. Air Force. His first instructor was Michael Gneck, a Shorin-Ryu stylist who taught Wallace in San Bernadino, California. Wallace trained religiously seven days a week on a four-to-midnight schedule and won his black belt in one year. He returned to his home state of Indiana in 1968 where he began working out with Glenn Keeney in Anderson. While he never adopted any of Keeney's Shorei-Goju style, Wallace credits much of his sparring ability to those early workouts. While studying physical education at Ball State University, he entered and won his first tournament as a black belt at the Mid-East Nationals in Lexington, Kentucky in January 1968. After losing his next three consecutive tournaments, he launched a spectacular winning streak that continued to September 1974 when he turned to full contact karate. Wallace received his Bachelors degree in 1972 and completed his Master's at Memphis State University, where he then taught a physical education program which included Karate and Judo.
Wallace conducted seminars in Europe, South America, England, and throughout the U.S. He once taught at the Elvis Presley-owned studio, the Tennessee Karate Institute where Presley trained with Wallace briefly. He co-authored a college text, Karate's Basic Skills and Concepts. Voted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as "Man of the Year" for 1978, he was twice elected "Karate Player of the Year." Wallace co-starred in the Chuck Norris film, A Force of One. He is Member of Who's Who in the Martial Arts.
A Tae Kwon Do/Shorin-Ryu stylist, he is noted for his fast left roundhouse kick and left hook kick. In the pro ring he is remembered for his quick left leg, which gave him the name "Superfoot." Wallace's ring history is 21-0, 11 KO's. He is the only full contact world champion to retire undefeated