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Brown & Black Belt Test Results - 10-23-2004
Black Belt Group Picture

Grand Master Cheng, Master Wang and Wang's Martial Arts Black Belts & Brown Belts.

Brown and  Black Test Group

A group of new brown and black belts with instructors.
 Alysia Gainer-
     2nd degree black
 Terry Robertson-
     1st degree black
 Tommy Scott- Jr. black
 Aaron Livingston- Jr. black
 Daniel Nowlan- Brown/stripe
 Jason Tansey- Brown/stripe
 Daniel Shellhouse-      Brown/stripe
 Logan Wilkerson-      Brown/stripe
 Robert Annand- Brown
 Jeremy Moore- Brown
 Vincent Turner- Brown
 Richard Strickland- Brown
 James Urrego- Brown

Alysia Gainer, Black Belt  

Alysia Gainer

Black Belt ( 2nd )

Jason Wang picture
After three difficult days of testing, a handful of Wang's Martial Arts students were awarded their brown and black belts. After years of training and preparing, family and friends alike looked on in excitement as their loved ones finally received their new ranks on Saturday, October 23, 2004.
The test had been strenuous and difficult. Applicants were required to not only demonstrate their forms and weapons that they had learned; they were required to demonstrate an understanding of their school's origins and Chinese terms through a written exam and term paper. Legs quaked and minds ached, but as Saturday drew to a conclusion and the applicants could happily shake the hand of Master Yun Yang Wang and Grandmaster Victor Cheng, it was all clearly worth the effort.
On Saturday, a party in which all the friends and family of the applicants were present followed the test. Everyone enjoyed the many dishes and deserts as well as snapping a few photos with their fellow classmates and family members. All in all, the test was difficult but well worth the sweat. Wang's Martial Arts is proud of its new additions to the brown and black belt family! The following ranks were awarded:

Daniel Nowlan picture

Daniel Nowlan- Brown/stripe

Jason Tansey picture

 Jason Tansey- Brown/stripe

Terry Robertson picture

 Terry Robertson-
 1st degree black

Next Color Belt Rank Test
Dates & Times:

                9-14 years  10-18-07 (Thur) 6:00-8:30 pm
                5-8 years    10-20-07 (Sat)    1:00-3:30 pm
                15+ years   10-20-07  (Sat)    3:00-6:00 pm

Tai Chi Rank Test
Date:                   11/16/07 (Friday)
Time:                   8:00 to 9:30 PM

Rank Test Results - 12/19/2004
Adora Wisdom     Yellow
Alexus Golden     Yellow
Grant Shellhouse     Yellow
Alexus Golden picture Grant Shellhouse picture