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Inner School Tournament Result - 12/03/2011

Ages 5-8 
Beginner Form:

1st - Carlos Gamboa

Carlos picture

Ages 5-8  Adv. Form:

1st - Daniel hernandez

2nd - Andrik Sanchez

3rd - Kaedon Sims
Daniel picture

Ages 9-14 Beginner Form:

1st -  Brandon Warner

2nd - James Bolton

Brandon picture

Ages 9-14 Adv.  Form:

1st - Emmory leach

2nd - Julian Rosas

3rd - Tim Garcia
Emmory picture

Ad. Beginner Form

1st - Theunis Oliphant

2nd - Susan Fischman
Theunis Oliphant & Susan Fischman picture

Ad.. Int. Form

1st - Carrie Wilkerson

2nd - Darren Bush
Carrie Wilkerson & Darren Bush picture

Ad. adv. Form:

1st -  Marvin Henderson

2nd - Josh Moricca

3rd - Diana Garcia
Marvin Henderson picture

Adv. belt Weapon:

1st -  Josh Moricca

2nd - Marvin henderson

3rd - Chris Avelar
Josh picture

Jr. Weapons:

1st - Daniel Hernandez

2nd - Tim Garcia

3rd - Julian Rosas
Daniel picture

Ad. Int. Weapons:

1st -  Darren Bush

2nd - Carrie Wilkerson

3rd - Theunis Oliphant
Darren Bush picture

Tai Chi Weapons:

1st - Steve Alonso

2nd - Jeannette Osterman-Adams

3rd - Elizabeth Lehmann
3rd - Susan Fischman

Steve Alonso picture

Tai Chi Form:

1st - Steve Alonso

2nd - Elizabeth Lehmann

3rd - Paul Turk
3rd - Jeannette Osterman-Adams

Steve Alonso Tai Chi tournament picture

Sparring: Ages 5-8 Adv.

1st - Daniel Hernandez

2nd - Kaeden Sims

3rd  - Andrik Sanchez
Daniel tournament picture

Sparring: Ages 9-14 Beginner:

1st - James Bolton

2nd - Bradon Warner
James picture

Sparring: Ages 9-14 Adv.

1st - Julian Rosas
2nd - Diego Ramirez
3rd - Emmory Leach
3rd - Tim Garcia

Julion picture

Ad. Int. Sparring:

1st - Darren Bush

2nd - Theunis Oliphant
Darren Bush picture

Ad. Adv. Sparring

1st - Josh Moricca

2nd - Marvin Henderson

3rd - Chris Avelar
Josh picture

Congratulations !

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