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Inner School Tournament Result - 06/04/2011

Black Belt Form

1st – Marvin Henderson

2nd – Allen DeWoody

3rd – Diana Garcia

Wang's Martial Arts Black Belt form picture

Jr. Adv. Form

1st  – Jose Guzman

2nd  – Jaci Moricca

3rd – Julian Rosas
Wang's Martial Arts Jr. Adv. form picture

9-14 Int. Form

1st – Timothy Garcia

2nd – Diego Ramirez

3rd - Emmory Leach

Wang's Martial Arts 9-14 jr. Form picture

Jr. Beg. Form

1st – Scarlett House

2nd – Ross House

3rd – Paige house

Jr. Beginner form picture

5-8 Int. Form

1st – Daniel Hernandez

2nd – Jaquelin Ajucum

3rd – Andrik Sanchez
Wang's Martial Arts 5-8 Int. form picture

Tai Chi Form

1st – Rick Strickland

2nd – Paul Turk

3rd - Steve Alonso


Wang's Martial Arts Tai Chi form picture

Black Belt Weapon

1st – Marvin Henderson

2nd – Allen DeWoody

3rd – James Dyess
Wang's Martial Arts black belt wapon picture

Jr. Weapon

1st – Jose Guzman

2nd – Julian Rosaa

2nd – Jaci moricca

3rd – Diego Ramirez
Wang's Martial Arts jr. weapon picture

5-8 Jr. Weapon

1st – Daniel Hernandez

2nd – Jacquelin Ajucum
Wang's Martial Arts 5-8 jr. weapon picture

Tai Chi Weapon

1st – Rick Strickland

2nd – paul Turk


Wang's Martial Arts tai chi weapon picture

Black Belt Sparring

1st – Chris Avelar

2nd – Diana Garcia

3rd - Marvin Henderson
Wang's Martial Arts black belt sparring picture

Jr.  Sparring

1st – Josh Moricca

2nd – Ross House

3rd – Jaci Moricca

3rd – Paige House
Wang's Martial Arts jr. sparring picture

9-14 Int. Sparring

1st –  Julian Rosas

2nd – Scarlett House

3rd – Timothy Garcia

3rd - Emmory Leach
Wang's Martial Arts 9-14 int. sparring picture

5-8 Int. Sparring

1st – Daniel Hernandez

2nd- Ayden Sowers

3rd – Jaquelin Ajucum

3rd -  Maxx House
Wang's Martial Arts 5-8 sparring picture

Congratulations !

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