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Inner School Tournament Result - 06/20/2009
Adult Black Belt Forms

1st – Daniel Thibodeaux
2nd – A. D.
3rd – Rick Strickland


Black belt form

Adult Advanced Forms

1st – Michael Barton

2nd – Marvin Henderson

3rd – Rand Warzeka


Adv. form picture
Adult Weapon Forms
1st – Marvin Henderson
2nd - Paul Turk
3rd - Michael Barton
4th - Rand Warzeka


Tournament picture

Adult Beginer Form

1st – Christopher Roche
2nd – KC
3rd – Joseph Barela
4th – David
5th - Padraic Gilbert

Beginer Form picture
Jr Advanced Weapons

1st – Jose Guzman
2nd – Andrea Barela
3rd – Joshua Moricca

Jr. weapon picture
Tai Chi

1st – Rick Strickland

2nd - Paul Turk

Tai Chi picture

Jr. Advanced Forms

1st – Andrea Barela
2nd – Jose Guzman
3rd – Joshua Moricca

Form competetion picture

5-8 Beginner Forms

1st – Marvin Henderson

2nd - Jaci Moricca

Inner school tournament picture
Jr. Beginner Forms

1st – David Gonzalez

2nd - Nicholas Becerra

3rd - Julian Rosas

Tournament picture

Black Belt Weapons
1st – A. D.
2nd – Daniel Thibodeaux

Black Belt weapon picture
Advanced Sparring

1st – Michael Barton
2nd – Christopher Roche

Sparring picture
Advanced Sparring

1st – Marvin Henderson
2nd – Rand Warzeka

Adv. sparring picture
Beginer Sparring

1st – Joseph Barela

2nd – Padraic Gilbert
In school tournament picture

Jr. Beginer Sparring

1st – Alex Cupial
2nd – Andrea Barela
3rd – Jose Guzman
4th – Remi Dickinson

Jr. Beg sparring picture

Jr. Adv. Sparring

1st - Joshua Moricca
2nd - Marvin Henderson
3rd - Andrea Barela
4th - Jose Guzman
Tournament picture

Congratulations !
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