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2009 - Eighth Annual Chinese New Year Award Banquet Report

On Saturday, January 24, 2009, Wang’s Martial Arts held its eighth Annual Chinese New Year and Award Banquet at Café East in Humble, Texas.
                After enjoying a delicious and filling meal, the MC for the evening, Victor Makris, warmly welcomed everyone to the festivities and honored the present black belts with small trophy for their time and effort at the studio. Next, the awards for tournament and report card points were handed out with first place being a six foot trophy! There were numerous smiles and flashes of the camera.
                Following the awards was the entertainment program which opened with the Chinese Fashion Show. WMA students, family and friends showed off lovely silk garments. Next, Victor Makris wowed the audience with his classical guitar playing a South American piece and a baroque Italian piece.
Once again the banquet was a great success thanks to everyone at WMA, their family and friends.

Tournament Points
            9-14 years old
                1st – Joshua Moricca
                2nd – Andrea Barela
                3rd – Michael Barton
            15 years and above
                1st – Lisa Cooper
                2nd – Rand Warzeka
Report Card Points
            9-14 years old
                1st – Andrea Barela
                2nd – Joshua Moricca
            15 years and above
                1st – Jacob Darst


Chinese New Year 2009 picture
New Year contest picture

Dance picture

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  Entertainment Program

  1. Modern Dance

She began her ballet training at the age of 5 in New York. She received a BFA in dance (modern concentration) from UT-Austin. She has enjoyed dancing and choreographing work in unlikely as well as traditional settings. She has just begun her studies in Kung Fu under Master Wang and hopes to make martial arts a lifelong pursuit. In addition to parenting, She has a pilates studio which has served the North Houston area since 2000 and maintains a small farm with her sister where they raise dairy goats.
                        B. Guitar by Victor Makris and Russell Martino
Victor began his studies of guitar at the age of 13. He studied classical guitar steadily through college with Gerald Blakeman and Wolfgang Justen and then attended master class by Christopher Parkening and Pepe Romero. When he is not playing guitar or practicing kung fu he is an attorney practicing in the area of business, social security disability, personal injury, and other areas in law.
                        C. Kung Fu skit by David Barnes, Jacob Darst and Andrea Barela
                                    David Barnes has been studying kung fu at WMA for twenty years
                                    And also has a business degree from Sam Houston State
                                    University. Jacob Darst is a senior in high school and is applying
                                    To study for a degree in engineering. Andrea Barela is a
                                    Brown/stripe belt at WMA and is testing for Jr. Black belt in April.
                        D. Flamenco by Shawna
                                           Shawna has been studying kung fu at Wang’s Martial Arts
                                    For 12 years. When she is not practicing or teaching classes, she
                                    Dances flamenco under the direction of Antonia Perlacia.
                        E. Kung Fu Demonstration by David Barnes, Jacob Darst, Daniel                                                           Thibedeux and Andrea Barela
                        F. Costume Contest
                                    Students, their family members and friends will display their
                                    Oriental costumes and compete for prizes. The judges will score
                                    All participants based on a point system. First and second place

                                    Will be determined by the audience using applause