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David Barnes group picture
Rafael Gonzales group picture
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Brown & Black Belt Test Results - April 16, 2005
Wang's  Martial Arts Black Belt test picture Brown and Black belt test picture

 David Barnes - Black ( 4th )
 Andi Rogers - Black ( 3rd )
 Jason Tansey - Black ( 1st )
 Kayla Macey - Jr. Black ( 1st )
 Logan Wilkerson - Jr. Black
 Daniel Shellhouse - Jr. Black
 Vincent Turner - Brown/stripe
 Robert Annand - Brown/stripe

Rick Strickland - Brown/stripe
Jeremy Moore - Brown/stripe
Lisa Jasper - Brown
Doug Jasper - Brown
Luther Brown - Brown
Dillon Covart - Brown
Andre Brower - Brown
Josyln Rivera - Brown

After three difficult days of testing, a group of Wang's Martial Arts students were awarded their brown and black belts. After years of training and preparing, family and friends alike looked on in excitement as their loved ones finally received their new ranks on Saturday, April 16, 2005.

David Barnes picture Andi Rogers picture Jason Tansey picture Kayla Macey picture
Logan Wilkerson picture Daniel Shellhouse picture Vincent Turner picture Robert Annand picture
Rick Strickland picture Lisa Jasper picture Doug Jasper picture Jeremy Moore picture
Luther Brown picture Dillon Covart picture Andre Brower picture Josyln Rivera picture

Andi Rogers and David Barnes picture

Andi Rogers

David Barnes

Dillon Covart and Josyln Rivera picture

Dillon Covart

Josyln Rivera

Jason Tansey and Andre Brower picture

Jason Tansey

Andre Brower

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