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Testimonial from Shawna
My name is Shawna, and I have been a student of Wang's Martial Arts for almost eight years. Since joining Wang's Martial Arts, I feel I have become apart of a family. I feel as close to some of the students here as I do my brothers. I also believe that Wang's Martial Arts has allowed me to have opportunities that I could never have had anywhere else. Here I have studied under both a Grandmaster and Master who were trained in the Far East and have developed a higher understanding of this style than is common for most who study martial arts. On top of being excellent instructors, Master Wang and Grandmaster Cheng have both become role models and father figures to me. Studying here has also helped me to develop my mental discipline and enhance my abilities as a student (I am a full time student at the University of St. Thomas and put in over 25 hours a week at Wang's Martial Arts and still make the Dean's List every semester). By participating in school events and classes at the studio, I feel I have become/am part of something valuable and rare.
Shawna Rencher with sword picture Shawna Rencher picture