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Testimonial from Roberto Matsumura

March 7, 2008

Dear Master Wang,
First of all I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to join your martial arts studio and I would also like to thank my dear friend and Wang’s Martial Arts instructor Ms. Shawna for recommending me to your school.  I began Tai Chi training in January 2008, and although it has only been two months since I’ve started, the benefits gained from it have, by far, exceeded all of my expectations. The positive changes incurred from this training are simply amazing.  I suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure, an injured and pinched sciatic nerve on my left leg, and two herniated discs.  I can attest to the fact that Tai Chi has had a tremendous and beneficial impact on my health.  The diabetes is now under control, I have no need for glucose medicine and insulin anymore. The blood pressure is also within normal range, for the first time in many, many years, I don’t fall under the depressing hyper-tense statistic.  My injured nerve no longer bothers me as much.  Sometimes even walking was painful, and it got to the point I would fall because the leg would simply give out on me.  It is now stronger, and I no longer feel afraid to walk and suddenly fall.  I attribute this success to the portion of Tai Chi involving walking and all of the stances it involves.  My left leg is starting to feel “normal” again and I’m regaining feeling and movement on my left foot.  I also haven’t suffered from anymore back pains and I feel I can sleep better at night.  I’ve lost 28lbs. since joining (of course this also involves proper dieting) and I don’t get stressed out as much as I used to.  I can concentrate at work more and I can also remember and accomplish more things.  My opinion regarding Tai Chi is - like all other martial arts – that it becomes a way of life: a healthy mind and body are just the beginning of it all.  As the I Ching book teaches us, and in addition to my religious beliefs, I feel there are certain things that need to be in balance within ourselves in order for us to function properly and be successful in all we do.  If I had known Tai Chi was the gate to reach that goal and that it was going to provide all of the benefits achieved in my case so far, I would’ve started a lot sooner, that’s for sure.  Master Wang, I can’t thank you enough for opening the world of Tai Chi to me and as your student I look forward to learning more about the beautiful martial art that is Tai Chi.

Roberto Matsumura 

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