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Testimonial from Rick Strickland
My name is Richard (Rick) Strickland. I am 58 yrs. Old. I was born in Houston, Texas Jan. 7, 1945. After attending 6 weeks at S.F.A., I went into the military (the medical corp.) from 1966 to 1968. In 1970, I held a sheriffs commission (reserve type). I also met and married Janet. In 1972 I was diagnosed with cancer. I fought and won. I have been cancer free since 1973. In 1980 I received my license from the state and started my business as Alarm Response Inc. and Private Investigations. I have been in the business ever since. In Dec. of this year, I was approved by the state as a personal protection officer (executive protection). I am also a K-9 unit my partner is a German Shepard named Isis.
In 1996 I fell off a building chasing burglars. I fell 18 to 20 ft. I crushed almost every bone in my left foot. I had a pin in my foot and a cast for 6 weeks. I had 5 surgeries and a skin graft. The Dr. said I would never be able to bend my foot or ankle as normal. I would always have limited motion. In 1998 I had a heart attack and had a triple bypass (7 blockages), which left me with memory and concentration problems.
While in physical therapy and exercise class at N.E. Medical Hospital in Humble, I met Terrie Dennis and started Tae Kwon Do classes. After about 6 months they were discontinued. Terrie suggested I talk with Master Wang. With the help of Master Wang, all the instructors, and encouragement of fellow students, I have greatly improved. I have been with Wang's Martial Arts for about 1 ½ years and now have earned my purple belt. I would highly recommend Kung Fu or Tai Chi for exercise or therapy. It has greatly helped me. I now have improved motion in my left ankle and foot. Wang's Martial Arts has also greatly helped me with the 12 benefits of Kung Fu.
Again thanks to Master Wang, Instructors, and fellow students at Wang's Martial Arts. This proves that physical problems can be overcome regardless of age.
Rick Strickland
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Rick Strickland
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