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Testimonial from Nick Tirey
Starting off, I have to say that when I first got into martial arts, I wanted to do it as a form of exercise, and for self-defense, but I have learned so much more from it than just that. Before I got into martial arts, I wanted to be a bodybuilder, I even met Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk). But after about one week in here I noticed that my body was getting into a totally different type of fitness level. I lost more weight than I had ever lost in my life, even when on diet plans. In 3 weeks I lost 14 pounds, since then, I have gained about 10 pounds of muscle back, and I also notice I am getting stronger and faster. I also noticed that my asthma is getting improved on as well. I also tend to carry my head higher when I am walking around, I feel much confident about my surroundings and myself. I plan to make martial arts a very big subject for me my whole life. Thanks Wangs Martial Arts.
Yun Yang Wang and Nick Tirey picture