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Testimonial from Janalee Zubi
Dear Master Wang,

Thank you so much for the training in Tai Chi I've received at Wang's Martial Arts. I am very proud to be one of your students and proud to be associated with a school that is so active in the community. It is rare to find a "for profit" business as active in community affairs and charity work as Wang's Martial Arts.

Personally, I find that the school is an oasis of calm in an otherwise helter-skelter life that I lead everyday. More to the point, I HAVE FUN at your school. I've met many interesting people from all walks of life, a place where I go to benefit physically, mentally, and emotionally - not to mention socially. I'm very serious about Tai Chi; but know that beyond the training, I am receiving much more than just added skills in this "soft" martial art.


Janalee Zubi
Dec. 21, 2004