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Testimonial from Judy Abrisz (James' Grandma)
What A Year
I would like to share what the past year has meant in OUR life.
Wang's Martial Arts has helped each of us in the family, not just James.
James was a very unhappy boy. He was in trouble constantly at school. That meant being in trouble at home. Punishment was a way of life. Yelling, crying, time-out, grounded, etc. Nothing worked. He used to say he was stupid, "I'm just a bad boy," "I wish I was dead," "Everyone hates me."
Well, things aren't perfect and never will be. However, we have climbed mountains and much of that success is due to Master Wang. It wasn't an overnight experience but a slow day to day trip. Sometimes falling down, but getting back up easier each time.
James always had an "N" ("needs improvement") in every class for behavior. Not only did he have "S" on this last report card, but he had "satisfactory" in every subject for behavior. On his progress report three weeks ago, he even had an "E" ("excellent") for behavior in two classes.
He was in regular class until this fall. Now he has been placed in all above level classes. His grades have improved even with the harder subject matter. He had all A's and B's. His teacher informed me he will probably have all A's on his second report card. In a three week period he went from a 91 (A) to a 98 (A) in Science.
What is really beautiful to see is James happy. James likes James. He has grown in self-esteem, grown in respect, grown in patience, grown in social behavior, and he has confidence in others as well as himself.
We get to praise him, reward him more than punish him. We laugh not yell. We can all smile and not feel like giving up. Time is spent enjoying each other, not fighting.
Yes life is not perfect and will never be. BUT it sure is great to see a happy child not afraid to make mistakes, learn from them and believe in himself. It is exciting to watch James grow and facing new obstacles and wanting to confront them.
The Abrisz family has all benefited from Wang' Martial Arts.
Thank's for really caring Master Wang. To you it is more than a job. You go that extra mile.
Judy Abrisz
(James' Grandma)