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Off Campus P.E. Program
If P.E. courses take up too much space on your schedule, Wang's Martial Arts would like to let you know that you can take Kung Fu lessons to substitute your P.E. credit at school! This course is approved by the Humble School Districts and requires the participating student to attend Kung Fu training at Wang's Martial Arts for an average of 5 hours per week (classes offered in the evening) during the semester/trimester they wish to receive credit. This allows a student to take extra courses during school hours, or (for high school) get early release.

Who Do I Talk To? Your School Counselor
How Much Would It Cost? $209 per month

If you do not belong to the Humble School Districts… Don't Worry! This may still be an option for you! If you wish to participate, simply contact the head of the Athletic Department in your school district to see if the option may be opened.

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